Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Spending

During summer it's more difficult to be frugal, no? For me it seems that way. One of those reasons is travel. I'm going on vacation in August. The travel and lodging will actually be just about free, even though I am traveling internationally. But, I have to buy some stuff to bring with me. One of those things is a bathing suit.

I haven't bought one in probably five years plus. Yesterday I went shopping with my friend at an Upper East Side boutique. We had a great time and tried on a million of them. I bought a tiny black one, for a total of $166. I think that price is insane. Earlier in the day I bought another one for only $63. Before this shopping trip, the last suit I bought cost about $80 and I thought that was a lot. And then on top of that I bought $28 flip-flops. Why? Because they were there and I needed some.

The experience was fun, but I keep feeling bad/uneasy about spending so much money on such unimportant things. I don't know how people get into credit card debt for frivolous things. I can understand if there are necessities or a medical emergency, but considering I feel uneasy about spending on something frivolous even though I know I can afford it, I need it and I don't have any debt, I can't imagine buying something like that knowing I didn't have the money in the bank to pay for it.

The trip was also a good case study in "factors that make you spend more $ than you intended to." One, I went with a friend who encouraged me to buy an expensive suit. I knew this was the case going in, but that influence is undeniable. Two, when you are in an expensive store, you will buy expensive things. I could have waited and bought the flip-flops somewhere else for half the price. However, since I was there and needed them I bought them.

At this point my bathing suits and flip flops are costing more than the trip!

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