Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boring, But Good

I realized reading over my posts that this blog is probably boring, haha. Lately all I talk about is spending. My goal for the blog is really for myself -- I think of it as an online money diary, but if other people read it and can relate or find any value, all the better. But I also realized that when things are on track financially, money management can be kind of boring. I'm not making any major investments, purchases (just some furniture), or having any big life transitions, so it's just nose to the grindstone, trying to meet my current needs and save for the future. I guess it's a nice place to be, as I'm not stressing about debt or worrying about having enough to meet my current needs. There is always the underlying worry about having enough to retire, but it seems difficult to do much more about that than I already am.