Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trading Places

So I have an unusual relationship with my friends and clothes, I think. For example, last Friday, my friend and I were meeting another friend at happy hour. I went to my friend's place to pick her up to go to the happy hour. My skirt, which I haven't worn since last summer, was bothering me. The elastic was stretched -- it didn't fit anymore. My friend whose place I was going to quit smoking and has outgrown her clothes. She had a big bag of her old clothes for me to sort through. When I got to her place, I gave her my skirt and she rummaged through the bag to find something for me, and she did. So I went to the happy hour wearing her old skirt. At the happy hour, my other friend gave me a purse that she'd bought at a garage sale because she knew that I'd been looking for a black one for a long time. So that night, I got a new skirt and a new purse for free.

When I go through my closet, a lot of my clothes are hand me downs from my friends. Sometimes it drives me crazy because I feel like I want my own clothes. Other times, it's nice to shop for free and I can't think of anything greener than swapping clothes instead of buying new ones.