Sunday, November 15, 2009

Celebrating Paying off Debt

I can't believe how different it feels now that my student loan is paid off. I didn't realize it, but for the last year I've really been very aggressive about not spending $ so I could pay it off. This weekend I finally felt like I could let myself spend some $ on things I need. I have wanted a fire-proof file box (I'm such a geek) for about a year. So I ordered that online. Mostly though I bought clothes on a shopping trip (spree) with my friend. I realized the last time I really bought clothes, except for the bathing suit this summer, was last January, also with her, when I bought a new suit for work. Most women that I know would not have survived, haha. Anyway, it felt really great to buy some new clothes because I really need them. A lot of my clothes are 10 years old and some are starting not to fit anymore. I've been purging my closet as I switch to winter. That also feels good. To know I've used something for so long, I definitely get my money's worth out of my stuff.