Sunday, October 21, 2012

Financial Advisor

I am finally checking off a big to do on my financial housekeeping list: I hired a financial planner. I am actually working with LearnVest, which seems like a great value and I love that it's aimed at women.  I am speaking to my adviser for the first time tomorrow and can't wait to get started! I really want help trying to figure out if I should tackle the mortgage or invest, although my mom helpfully pointed out that I can do both at the same time. Again, everything in moderation. It's a hard lesson to learn, as I find I want to do something whole hog or not at all.


Lately I have been buying a lot of clothes. The good news is that I haven't been spending a lot of money. I rediscovered a great thrift store, Buffalo Exchange, and for $100 I got about 5 nice shirts. I went back for a second round and spent another $65. In September, I went on an H&M binge which was also a rediscovery, as I hadn't been there in probably a decade. And I bought an expensive jacket on eBay which I got for less than $50. It's nice to treat myself with some new clothes without breaking the bank. I tend to hold onto clothes for years, probably long after I should have gotten rid of them, so I have also been aggressive about purging the old clothes as I get new ones. It's all about balance!