Monday, July 27, 2009

Extreme Sports

So I watched my friend compete in the Triathalon yesterday. It is always very inspirational. However, training for the Triathlon is expensive. So is the equipment -- from $200 minimum for a wet suit to $1,000 for a bike. My friend told me that the more hardcore competitors with the fancy bikes spend $10,000 or more on their bikes.

I started running competitively (i use that term loosely) this spring. I thought it would be a relatively inexpensive sport, but its amazing how when you start something it's so easy to get sucked in and find things you need. So far I've bought:
$120 running sneakers - I could have gotten them cheaper but went to a boutique story so I could have an expert check out my gait and make a recommendation. Now that I know, I'll buy them online.
$40 fuel belt (so I can run and not have to carry water in my hand)
$100+ on driwick clothing -- cotton really does not cut it when you are sweating like I sweat. Luckily I buy on eBay (new with tags) because running clothes are pretty expensive considering how little fabric they are. Just like bathing suits.
$100 roughly on entry fees for races. All of them have been local so far, so no travel costs.

I could spend even more. I'd like to take classes or get a running coach. Personal training to build up my strength would be nice too.

And there's the threat of injury. Getting injured could add up to serious costs. On the other hand, there's great value to building strength and cardiovascular training.

The list goes on and on! Of course, I don't have to buy everything at once. Just like running, one step at a time.

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