Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spending It

I have some expenses coming up that are discretionary but I really should take care of them. Case in point - new mattress and couch because they are hurting my back. I can only sleep on one side of the mattress now. I'm off today, hopefully to finalize my choice for a new one. Think I have found the couch I want as well. But once I update the couch, I realize that the coffee table is quite scratched and while the matching side table is perfect, if I get a new coffee table it will no longer match. So that's two more pieces of furniture. Also, I don't have overhead lights in almost every room of my apt. So it's dark. The table lamps aren't cutting it. I plan to buy ceiling fans with lights and have them installed. So that all adds up. I'm not really excited about these purchases, but I feel like I kind of need to make them.

I am thinking of making a big "purchase" that I am excited about which is going in on a shared beach house. If I can pay a reasonable amount each month, I plan to do this, probably starting in March or so. That would be money well spent in my view.

I've been reading about the clothing fasts people are doing on the MMM forum. I'm thinking about joining, because that would help pay for the beach house. Yay for intentional purchasing!

Happy holidays to everyone!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Favorite Time of Year?

In theory, I should be super happy right now. I literally wait for this moment all year long. I found out my bonus and it is higher than last year by 16%. I know how fortunate I am to be well-compensated for doing my job. I know there are people who work just as hard, and sometimes in dangerous or uncomfortable jobs, that are paid much less. That said, I just feel tired and burned out. Work is still very busy and while we finally hired someone to support me so I'm not the only person on my teams, that person was on vacation all this week.  The crowds are bringing me down too. I guess I'm really starting to learn/believe that my career/job and saving/building a nest egg are the most important things.