Friday, November 9, 2012

Getting Serious about Saving

This year was about spending. A LOT of $. Some of that I feel okay about because it was in theory an investment (in my apt.) or at least I view it as prepayment of rent for the future.  The rest of  my spending I feel a little less okay about. I had many one  time expenses that I don't foresee having to replicate next year. The furniture and services that came along with the apt. purchase (although I would like to hire an electrician to install a ceiling fan), a $2600 wedding gift to my brother, new toys for my latest hobby/passion.

Next year, I want to get a lot more disciplined about saving and investing. While I track my budget diligently, I  realize I don't have a target for savings. I just hired LearnVest to help me develop a financial plan for saving and investing and I told my adviser I can commit to investing $500 a month. That is balanced with the $500 a month I prepay my mortgage. Ideally I would like to save another $500 a month in just straight savings. On top of my 401K which I max out, that would put me in a good place, regardless of bonus.

I am finally getting around to reading Your Money or Your Life, which I know has changed many people's lives. So I'm excited to see how that affects me. Maybe it will make me amp up my plan even more.