Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Wow, this last month has been really crazy. Both financially and otherwise.

First, the IRS audit. My business expense was rejected by the auditor. I found a great, relevant tax course case, and my accountant encouraged me to fight the finding, through the proper channels. This would mean talking to the agent, then his supervisor and if I didn't get anywhere, filing an appeal and then meeting with an agent in person. All of this would have meant I had to write up my findings and basically act as my own lawyer/rep. I was ready. And then life happened. And I realized I had already spent a lot of time on this audit and that my resources would be better spent elsewhere. So I gave up. I paid the $2K to make it go away. Of course I'm not done. I'll probably have to re-file NY taxes for that year, too. In the end, I'm glad that it's over and I do not have to think about this anymore. Also, the IRS agent I spoke to was SOOOO nice. I hated him (of course) until I spoke to him. He actually encouraged me to provide him with the case I had found, but I just kept telling him I did not have time. I think he even offered me an extension.

Second, the market. I have no idea. One day I am poor, the next I'm back up to where I started. All of this up and down just means that I net out about even from what I can tell, not really making or losing money.

Third, job. I've decided that I am very bored at my job. I am getting pretty far along interviewing for a new one, so we'll see.

Fourth, it's that time of year. With any luck by the end of this month I will be in possession of a bonus check. Considering how lean but successful we were this year everyone is expecting a bigger one than last year, so we'll see. Crossing fingers.