Sunday, May 23, 2010

The year of spending

So when the year first started, I thought it would be like last year. Meaning I would try to save every penny I could. But with school paid off and having a full time job, I'm realizing that I've been living in a state of sort of suspended animation for so long. I feel like I need so many things: new clothes, furniture, art, things to organize my apartment. It feels uncomfortable to spend the money, but its gotten to the point where it feels more uncomfortable to not purchase these things. It's not that I'm spending wastefully, it's just that spending at all feels a little foreign. I am of course still saving, but I'm realizing that I need some balance and maybe to do a little more living and a little less saving.

The good thing is that I don't feel some insatiable desire to spend. I don't have to worry that when I start spending I'll never stop. For example: I needed a new gym bag. So I found a cute one on etsy from a woman in Malaysia. It was only $50. So I bought it. It works pretty well (a little small), and now I never think about buying a new bag. Once I have what I need, I'm set.

I'm not as concerned about meeting my (aggressive) savings goal that I laid out at the start of the year. It feels nice to just live and see where things take me.