Saturday, October 2, 2010


I'm stoked cause I just updated my Networth and passed a few people on NetworthIQ. Not that I don't wish them much prosperity and hapiness! But for some reason, I always focus on the people that are a few in front of me and it helps motivate me. I guess we have to use whatever works to motivate us to save!

Although this quarter was really strong due to the market, my savings were really low compared to every other quarter of the year so far. So, I'm going to try to be good in October. Although of course I have some "expenses"coming up. Such as Billy Elliot on Broadway, haha. Luckily all done with social security tax, so that gives me a big boost and this year it's for all of Q4. I also have probably close to $1,000 or more owed to me from my health insurance company. I'm always out of pocket about $1500 because I pay the doctor and they pay me back.

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