Friday, October 22, 2010

General Update

So I usually only update my NetworthIQ on a quarterly basis. I just did Q3 at the end of September. That said, I just updated it again. I can't believe how much the market has gone up this month. So much for sell in May and go away. I'm just so glad that I never took any money (barely) out of the market after September 2008. I've been fully in (while also building my cash position) the whole time, which has allowed me to recover A LOT of the value that I lost two years ago (on paper). I also wanted to update my NetworthIQ so (I am ashamed to admit this) I could resume the top position on the page that ranks networth in NY (I'm on the top of the 5th page). I am really motivated by moving up the list. I do not know why. I wish those other people success, but I guess it's just nice to have a visual way to be rewarded for saving more. Since it's not like anything really changes in my life when I save more money.

I'm also excited to try some new investing strategies. I'm going to open up a Lending Club account. I have also meant to buy some foreign currencies (being all-in on the dollar scares me) and maybe some gold. I'd like to buy shares in a REIT, but that's a little more complicated. I also think about buying some GLD. The last time I thought about this it was at 1K and today I saw it's at 1,300. Insane.

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