Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tired, Broke, Hungover

July has been insane. I don't know if Halloween is a particularly amorous occasion, but almost all of my close friends were born in July. Actually even people at the office were born in July. EVERYONE was born in July. So at least 1-2x a week this month I've had to attend a pricy birthday dinner. It was also my niece's first birthday. And I hosted my spendy friend for 3 days around the 4th of July. Translation = I am broke, hungover and  tired. I never want to eat at a restaurant again.  Seriously. I NEVER feel that way. I can't wait until August. I'm going to do the Austerity August challenge someone posted about on a Mr. Money Moustache forum.  I have 2-3 business trips in August, so while that involves a lot of eating out/drinking with clients, etc. it will not be on my dime, thank god.  Oh and I'm planning a trip for January so I also had to shell out $400 for airfare and will have to put a deposit down as  well. So in January I'll be psyched because my costs will be low and I'll have prepaid for the trip, but I definitely didn't need the extra expense this month.

Even more  than the $$$, I feel really burned out personally. I love my friends, but I need time for me. I'm taking a class and I didn't do that great on my quizz, probably because I'm running around socializing like a crazy person. I think money is a good sign to how I'm feeling. If I'm spending too much on other people, most likely I'm spending too much time and energy on other people as well and not saving enough for myself. I try to tell myself it's a temporary period, but it still feels stressful. I'm starting to burn out and skip the bday celebrations as the month comes to an end, so that's helping.

Here's to Austerity August!!!

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