Sunday, March 10, 2013

Plugging Along

Not too much new to report, but I realized I didn't post in February which is probably the first month in a long time that I haven't.  I'm in the midst of doing my taxes and despite the evil AMT it looks like thanks to my mortgage interest I will get approximately double my refund of last year. I should be looking at a sweet $6500 refund check(s) between state and federal. 

In terms of spending, I've been spending A LOT on the health & wellness category. I started another alternative medicine therapy to try to get a chronic condition I have under control. It's costing me $90 a week. I already pay $100 a week (or more) for an alternative treatment. Thank goodness for flex spending. I checked and I have a balance of like $1,800 I think that I have to use by June which will be no problem at all. I've also for the last month or so been trying to cut back in other areas to make up for it including eating out, buying clothes and furniture and anywhere else I can think of.

The market is on FIRE, which is awesome, but I also have a lot of cash from my bonus and from selling loser investments at the end of last year just sitting in my brokerage account waiting to invest. I'm not making what I call the "great investment mistake of 2007" again, so holding the cash until the line trends in the other direction. That said, for the last few years I have kicked myself for not following the sell in May & go away adage. I think I'm going to get hosed moving forward on taxes on investment gains though so I don't think I should sell my portfolio. Plus, all those transaction fees bite into gains.

I'll post a networth update in early April.

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