Saturday, January 5, 2013

Networth Milestone: 500K!

I'm excited because today I updated my net worth entry on NetworthIQ for Q4 2012 and I've crossed the 500K threshold!!! I also checked back over the last 4 years of net worth entries and realized that I tend to jump by about 100K a year. Which is insane. And only possible because of the generous bonuses I have been receiving. So I'd like to be around 600K this time next year. That would be sweet. Ultimately, I think I'll feel a lot more secure once my net worth hits 1 million (of course it won't all be liquid). Hopefully that will be in about 5 years. That's a great long term goal. Then maybe I'll feel like I can chill out a bit more about life and not have to have such a stressful (but for the most part manageable and sometimes even fun) job.

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  1. Congratulations!...not a trivial achievement. I am 33 and about $440K...So still have some way to go!