Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Great TV Experiment

So I think I've mentioned that I have an old school CRT television. I have lately been thinking about whether I should upgrade and also how I can cut my annoying cable bill, since I basically just watch reruns of a few shows. I decided to buy a Roku box. I just set it up. It is so cute and small and super easy to install. I also installed a wireless router. I love that I can use Roku with my current old TV. I feel guilty getting rid of a TV that works perfectly well for no reason. It's wasteful.
Now I can keep my old TV, but jump into the 21st century w/ Roku. I'm going to get the Netflix on demand and Hulu Plus accounts and see if I can just live off that for TV. If I can, it's bye-bye cable!
I'll still have to pay for an Internet connection, but I'm hoping I can cut the bill down at least in half from about $100 now to $50.

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