Sunday, June 6, 2010

Outstanding Money

Ugh, lately I am a little stressed by all of the money that various parties owe me. The total adds up to more than $6,000 and trying to get paid takes a decent amount of effort and is highly annoying.

First, I have a $4,300 expense report that I need to submit on Monday. I should get paid for that mid-month and I've already compiled the report and the documentation, which is tedious work.

I have another $1,800 and growing outstanding from my health insurance company. It's actually from my company, but I need my insurance company to file the claims first before I can submit. That has been going on since the end of March and all I've managed to get through the system is $200. No clear end in sight on that one and a new $200 piles up every week.

The last one is smaller -- $620. But it annoys me. I lent a friend, for the second time, this money to cover her rent because she had a cash flow problem. She was supposed to pay me back, I think it was like May 25th. She claimed the check was in the mail. It is not and now am I wondering when or if I will see that money again. Ugh.

All of the outstanding money has made my expenses a mess and hard to reconcile, so for the first time in years I haven't analyzed my May spending. It's all too depressing and hard to track.

It's odd to feel stressed about this money, as I don't need it to live on and I am confident I will get it all back eventually. The majority I will have by mid month. But having so much outstanding is stressful anyway.

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