Sunday, March 14, 2010

Purposely Making a Bad $ Decision

Have you ever done this? I was about to write that I have not, but then I think back and that's how grad school was for me. I more than wanted to go, I needed to go. I was never under the delusion that I was going to earn more money by doing so. I knew I would be spending $50,000 for something that would not get me a monetary return. If I had instead bought an apartment and continued to work full time at my previous job, I would be financially better off, most likely. Even though the value of that apartment would have gone down by now, I think I'd still have some equity. I was going to buy in 2003, so during the craziness but pretty close to the start of it. My area of Brooklyn has gone up so much from the bubble, but also from gentrification, since then.

Anyway, I'm contemplating making another bad financial decision. I want to adopt a dog from my local shelter. Not just any dog, but a boxer, on the wrong side of 5 years old. I don't know dog years, but I'd guess he's in middle age or older. (He doesn't seem it and has no gray yet). What does this mean financially? Huuuuge expenses. Expenses just for being a dog, but then for being a dog in the city, being an older dog and being a bigger dog.

The costs are daunting. Medical care could be exorbitant. OMG what if he gets cancer, as I read that boxers are more prone to than other breeds? Do I seriously have to pay for dog chemo? I've read pet insurance, especially in urban areas, is hardly worth it. Then there's the daily dog walker and the care for when I have to travel for work. I have no control over my travel, so if it suddenly picks up, I'll be spending $50 a day or so for someone to care for the dog. Oy vey.

That said, I have the money to care for the dog as my life is now. However, my rent is very low and if I wanted to buy an apartment or move to a place actually in Manhattan or somewhere bigger, it might be tight.

I'm continuing to do the research and will come to a conclusion, but I feel like that a dog could add so much to my life that this could be a sound decision, despite the financial costs.

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