Sunday, December 6, 2009

End of Year and Holidays

To keep with the theme of the last post, I'm enjoying the holidays and for once am spending money (while still saving of course). Having reached the limit on taxable social security income, I have extra money in my paycheck during Q4, so that's nice. In theory, I will also recieve a bonus in the next few weeks -- something I've been dreaming of all year. And I'm making my end of year charity donations, which is fun. So between extra money and all the fun spending on gifts, charity (and myself), this is a great time of year!

Of course that means I'm not too excited for Jaunary, but I'm thinking of planning an inexpensive trip to try to ward off the winter blues.

I'll post my Q4 net worth post-bonus. I hope the stock market continues this winning streak. Bonus + stock market gains + end of year income bump = nice Q4!

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